Collaboration between Tencarva and ESSCO means exciting new capabilities for clients

ESSCO Electric Service & SalesTencarva and ESSCO recently worked together on a project in Eastern NC to address client needs in a seamless, technologically focused way. While specifics for this project are confidential, Adam Sauter described the project as “a very impressive and efficient usage of our capabilities as an equipment/solutions provider.”

Sauter, Branch Manager, Tencarva Wilmington, serves as the Project Manager on this collaboration, working with the end-user. Spencer McAden, Application Engineer, ESSCO, led the electrical and automation portion of the project. Sauter explained “[McAden] comes up with the solutions electrically and I integrated them with the mechanical equipment we are providing for one turn-key solution.” Both have managed the input and needs of the end-user, civil contractor, electrical contractor, multiple engineering design firms and multiple project consulting firms. Their organizational ability has ensured smooth information and project flows.

Adam Sauter delivering equipment to project site in Eastern NC

Tencarva provided the client with well pumps while ESSCO provided the control system. McAden explained, “Everything from the pumps, field sensors, controls, and long-term data acquisition comes from one source to the customer. That meant that integration and collaboration challenges that would usually be a massive headache for them to sort out could be resolved internally within the TMC umbrella and presented as a buttoned-up package with no loose ends.”

For the end-user, the customer is able to see the performance of all the pumps in this project and control them all remotely over the internet. A simple dashboard screen enables the customer to turn on/off any pump and change the flow rate and pressure for 68 pumps.

Sauter continues: “When complete it will be 35 control panels, 2 workstations, 96 pumps, 100 flowmeters, 10 automatic control valves and hundreds of other instruments monitoring level, temperature and pressure throughout the massive system. All of this is controllable from a local workstation at the plant control room designed by ESSCO and/or remotely over the web with user granted access on a secure network.” This encrypted virtual private network allows the client to log in remotely and securely from anywhere using a Tosibox® key.

The project’s final phase is expected to be operational in June 2023 with hopes of a long-term operations and maintenance contract for technical support and maintenance of this vast system.

Spencer McAden works at the System Dashboard

The implications of this collaboration for Tencarva and ESSCO go far beyond this one project. Spencer said, “There were times in this project where we identified and solved problems with making equipment work together that would not have been noticed until much later in the installation had the customer purchased the two pieces of the system from separate sources. We took the burden of integrating two very different kinds of services off the customer and allowed them to interface with a single point of contact.”

Working together, Tencarva and ESSCO continue to prove the strength of the entire Tencarva umbrella in providing unique and effective solutions for our customers.