A Decades-Long Partnership with ITT Goulds Pumps Decades to Go

It’s been said many times that collaboration leads to innovation. Until you actually experience the power of a partnership, however, the phrase seems like nothing more than a catchy line. Tencarva’s partnership with ITT Goulds Pumps has shown us the truth of those words time and time again as our companies work together to provide the best possible product to our customers.

ITT Goulds PumpsSince 1978, Tencarva has been providing expertise in process product applications as well as representing highly regarded manufacturers in the fluid handling industry. Our relationship with ITT Goulds Pumps has been central to our business since our early years. Together we have been able to provide top-of-the-line, industry leading equipment to our joint customers. While some partnerships fade within a few years, ours has held strong for more than three decades.

Our relationship is built on years of dedication to quality engineering and excellent customer service. We are proud to work with a company that leads the industry in mechanical pump design and the use of smart technology. Our close collaboration means we have been able to develop a repair team that knows their products better than anyone else in the business. This allows both of our companies to become more efficient and pass the benefits that arise from this efficiency onto our customers.

Goulds XHD Extra Heavy Duty Lined Slurry PumpsGoulds’ pump products are unmatched in quality, function and durability. Plus, their engineers have the experience and creativity necessary to solve any problem that may arise. For instance, when the plant operator of a silver mining and processing facility contacted Goulds to say that the slurry pumps he was using frequently needed to be replaced, the Goulds team got to work to find a solution. Soon they created the new 125 XHD pump with HC600 liners and impeller. With its long wear life and minimal maintenance requirements, this pump greatly increased the facility’s production and profitability.

Knowing a partner has that sort of track record is inspiring, and Tencarva brings a large sales team to the collaboration. The quality and outright dedication of this team has no equal in the industry. Our team is not only well established in its territories, it also includes many engineers who bring a high caliber of knowledge about equipment and products to the discussion. This gives Tencarva a significant advantage over the competition and helps to ensure we are providing customers with the exact products and services they need.


As with any partnership, we rely on each other to a significant degree. Together, we are able to provide ITT PRO Services, which includes repair and upgrade services, replacements, maintenance and many other essential programs to assist our customers in any way we can. The service helps extend the life of the pumps purchased, meaning we are able to reduce long-term costs for our clients by a significant margin.

Tencarva’s partnership with Goulds has been essential in our drive to provide a better and better future for our employees and customers. We have pursued bold innovation in integrating smart technology and providing products that are geared toward the needs of customers. We are thankful to have such a strong and supportive partner. To learn more about our history, team, products and successful customers, be sure to visit Tencarva.com today!