Submersible Dewatering Pump System

Are you looking for a Pre-Engineered Portable Submersible System designed to handle the most severe dewatering applications?

Engineered to be portable the submersible de-watering system is equipped with four-point lifting eyes and integrated fork slots for easy mobility by crane or fork-truck. The pump and check valve are enclosed within a removable FRP grating (fiberglass) with slots no larger than 1.25 inches to prevent any large trash, fish, ropes, or other objects from clogging the pump. The control panel is housed in a 304 SST NEMA 4X enclosure with an H-O-A selector switch, mechanical floats, run light, alarm horn, keypad, and an elapsed time meter on an enclosed door. Plug & Play – Simply lower the skid into place, connect hoses and electrical connections, and the system is operational.

• Run Dry – Submersible Pump
• 316 SS Impeller
• Epoxy Coated
• Zinc Anode
• FRP Grating Enclosing the Pump
• 304 SST NEMA4X Pump Control System
• 100’ Power Cable Standard, (Optional lengths available.)
• H-O-A Level Control Relay System
• Impeller Options: Epoxy, Zinc

• Motor Amps Display
• Soft Start Key Pad
• Run Time Hours Display
• High Temp Alarm
• Seal Fail Sensor
• Shorted SCR Sensor
• Reset High Temp Alarm
• Run Light
• Alarm Horn Silence
• H-O-A Switch
• Breaker Door

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