We have 28 branch locations throughout the Southeast and all are open and ready to serve, but should we need to close an individual location we have existing IT systems that allows us to assess all necessary customer information from any location.

The phones can be transferred to any of the other supporting locations as needed.

We have 14 different repair facilities in that same footprint to also serve you.

Tencarva maintains approximately $17M in inventory at different locations to serve our customers.

We have always believed our best opportunity to serve our customers is to have inventory that suits their needs with operations that provide 24/7 support.

Take note:

  • We have reached out to management of our key suppliers and they have all enacted continuation policies that involve social distancing and supply chain management. All of them are open and inventory levels are currently reported at normal levels.
  • Our multinational partners are reporting that cargo times are increasing. This could increase lead times in the coming weeks.
  • All of our local offices are open and should that change your calls will be seamlessly rerouted. Our sales staff has the ability to work remotely. The existing methods you reach us will remain unchanged.
  • We are still receiving packages and making shipments. Our manufacturing is at full capacity for the items we make.
  • We still want to serve you daily and we are asking that our employees use Skype or Facetime to provide a near face to face experience when possible. Although we normally serve you in person, this is a typical way we communicate internally.
  • Proactive and open communication is a hallmark of how we serve. Should a change be necessary, we will notify you of those changes.

Despite the strains this is placing on our businesses, we are resilient to serving our customers. We strive to excel in times of need, whether it is a plant emergency, natural disaster or in this case a public health concern. We expect no different of ourselves in this case. We deeply thank you for the 42 years you have trusted us to be your partner and we are here to serve.