Tencarva Machinery ServiceCentrifugal Pump Repair

Tencarva provides Industrial & Municipal centrifugal mechanical pump and seals repairs for most major brands including but not limited to: ITT Goulds Pumps, Gorman Rupp Pumps, Goulds Water Technology a Xylem Brand, Gusher Pumps, Price Pumps, MP pumps, MTH Pumps, T-Mag and many more.

Centrifugal Pump Repair

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There are many things that can go wrong with a centrifugal pump: Worn and damaged impellers and casings, leaking mechanical seals, damaged bearings, and many other malfunctions that can bring your process to a screeching halt. Tencarva specializes not only in fixing your pumps but many times we can make suggestions to improve the system conditions at the root cause of the failure.

We see literally thousands of pumps come through our shops and the advantage of this volume is becoming very good at determining what and why failures occur and knowing how to fix and prevent them.
Repair of Pumps, Motors, and Mechanical Seals can include:

Precision Tolerance Measurements
Non Destructive Inspection
Bead Blasting
Pump Machining
Protective Coatings for worn parts
Dynamic Balancing Impellers
Procast* Re-manufactured Impellers & Components
Pump Mechanical Seal Repairs
Pump Laser Alignment
Heat Jacket Installations

And more…