Tencarva Machinery ServiceCoating Services

By applying special coatings such as Belzona and Enecon to the internal wear parts of pumps and equipment, the life expectancy, efficiency, and performance can be highly improved.

The trick is to properly apply these specialized coatings and to know when a specific coating should be applied. Tencarva has experience with great success in extending the life of pumps in corrosive chemicals, de-ionized water, chlorinated water, and abrasive applications with the application of specialized coatings, such as Belzona coating for seawater and internal coating for pumps.

We have successfully applied these coatings on hundreds of split case pumps, vertical turbines, and horizontal centrifugal and know the specific troubled areas that require special detail. Special coatings will provide protection in the following cases:

• Abrasive service
• Corrosive chemicals
• De-ionized water
• Cavitating impellers
• Wear inside casings
• Many more…