SEEPEX extends barrel-shaped pin joint for all CS – range pumps


The fork-design universal joint has been discontinued as part of a larger program to upgrade our line of sanitary (BCS) pumps for the food industries. In 2014, the food industries comprised 19% of our total pump shipments and is a very important market for our future.

This is especially true as less funds are likely to be spent on oil and gas exploration and production. The forked joint design has been replaced by the more robust and versatile “barrel-shaped” pin design (as shown below). The “barrel-shaped pin” was developed in conjunction with food-grade rotors and stators, including the even wall stators, that are rated for 4 bar (348 psi) of differential pressure. It is now available for all two-stage and single-stage pumps as well. The new design is easier to disassemble, easier to clean and has the unique barrel-shaped pin that is made of a precipitation-hardened martensitic stainless steel. This material is as corrosion resistant as the 300 series steels required by 3A but much harder (approx.. 40 hRC as compared to the 18 hRC for AISI 316) and with higher tensile strength. Therefore it can handle higher thrust loads, experience less erosion and is less prone to material shedding or “galling” when rubbing against AISI 300 series steels. Further extensions of this rationalized product are also now possible. These will include a fully EHEDG-approved version and a version incorporating the SEEPEX Smart Stator (SST) concept. Several prototypes of the BCS-SST pump have already been made (also shown below).Seepex-Pin_joint

This is an exciting time for SEEPEX with several new designs slated to be released in 2015. We expect further penetration of several markets in the coming year and the food industry will continue to grow in importance for SEEPEX.
Mike Dillon
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