SEEPEX introduces the “Intelligent Metering Pump”

Our MD metering pump line has been a staple of the SEEPEX product offerings for decades. In an effort to continually improve on what is being offered, SEEPEX is proud to announce the Intelligent Metering Pump.”It’s just a metering pump with a VFD”… At first glance, that’s correct, but please take a minute to read why this metering pump is different.


Memory Chip
The Intelligent Metering Pump has an Electronic Programming Module (EPM) memory chip on which parameters can be pre-configured. This makes replacement of a drive simple, quick, and accurate. Just plug the EPM chip from your previous drive into the new one and you are good to go. A drive reset to factory default or customer settings takes seconds with the EPM. When the EPM equipped drive is used on a line containing multiple drives with the identical setup, it takes just minutes to program the entire line.Each unit has a keypad on the controller lid equipped with operator elements for H-O-A selection, manual speed control, display of pump speed/RPM or flow, fault indication and the ability to change factory settings.

Terminal Strip

Various accessories can easily be connected to the drive via the control terminals on the terminal strip inside the controller. A control module is also available as an option but it isn’t needed if you wire your accessories directly to the terminal strip.The new Intelligent Metering Pump is available for all MD sizes along with BW1 and 2.

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