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Tencarva Lunch & Learn Training SeminarsBearingTraining_000Make Tencarva your source for professional development training for all machinery training seminar workshops. Tencarva Lunch & Learn seminars are designed to educate you on relevant issues and equip you with the skills and competencies you need to maximize your equipment potential, as well as give you the tools to make the best decisions possible.  Many of our courses can be used as material for professional education (CPE) credit, so our training helps you maintain your professional certifications, too.


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  • Basic Positive Displacement Pumps
     positive displacement pumps
    • Reading and Understanding Positive Displacement Pump Curves
    • Proper PD Pump Sizing
    • PD Pump Terminology (NPSH, Cavitation, ETC.)
    • Sizing Motors and Drives for Positive Displacement Pumps
    • Pump Safety
    • Types & Applications for Positive Displacement Pumps (Metering, AOD, Gear, Piston, Etc.)
    • Mechanical Seals and Packing
    • Several Hands-On /Demonstration Workstations for Various Types of PD Pumps
    • Pump Alignment and its Importance
    • Question and Answer Session

  • Mechanicals Seals & Packing
    mechanical seals and packing
    • Sealing Fundamentals Review
    • Pump Problem or Seal Problem?
    • Effects of Pump Layout on Seals
    • Effects of Pump Hydraulics on Seals
    • Effects of Pump Start-Up on Seals
    • Effects of Temperature and Pressure on Seals
    • Mechanical Seal Selection Criteria and Examples
    • Failure Analysis (Case Histories)

  • Metering Pump Basics
    metering pumps
    • Types of Metering Pumps
    • Pump Terminology (NPSH, Cavitation, Etc.)
    • Applications for Metering Pumps
    • Proper Sizing of Metering Pumps and Systems
    • Styles & Types of Metering Pump Liquid Ends
    • Styles & Types of Metering Pump Drive Mechanisms
    • Pump Safety
    • Several Workstations for Assembly & Disassembly
    • Question and Answer Session

  • Air Operated Double Diaphram (AODD) Pumps
    Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps
    • Positive Displacement Pump Types
    • Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Basics
    • Pump Curves & Engineering
    • Air Distribution Systems & Elastomers
    • Applications
    • Wilden Products
    • Chemical Resistance Guide
    • Pulsation Dampeners
    • Troubleshooting Guide
    • AODD Air Motor Comparison
    • Typhoon/Spectrom

  • Basic Centrifugal Pumps
    pump curve

    • Basic Self-Priming Pump Theory
    • Curves
    • Sizing
    • Pump Terminology (NPSH, Cavitation, Etc.)
    • Brake Horsepower
    • Mechanical Seals and Packing
    • Best Efficiency Point
    • (3) Hands-On Workstations (ANSI Pump, Self-Priming & Pump Alignment)
  • Centrifugal Pumps – Application and Engineering

    Goulds Family Curve

    Assumed Previous Knowledge of Basic Centrifugal Pump Theory, Reading, and Basic Understanding of Pump Curves

    Subject Matter to be Covered

    • Picking the Right Pump and Sizing Pumps
    • Fluid Viscosity Effects on Pump Performance
    • NPSH Calculations & System Design
    • Cavitation – Causes and Remedies
    • System Curves and Their Importance in Properly Applying a Pump
    • Best Efficiency Points
    • Mechanical Seals and Packing
    • Several Hands-On/Demonstration Workstations
    • Question and Answer Session