Tencarva Machinery Service


Tencarva has 13 Repair Centers. Click below to view repair contacts.

Maintenance and Repair Services

  • Service Agreements
    In many cases its most convenient for our customers to have our Tencarva trained repair and maintenance crews on site. We have successfully launched long term start ups consisting of over 1000 pumps and equipment while reactivating and in other cases have on-site maintenance crews who are permanently collocated in your plant. We provide the staff, equipment, and oversight as a service.
  • Exchange Programs
    Many of our manufacturers provide us with the ability to offer exchange programs. We will exchange your damaged equipment for a discount on new equipment. Ask your sales engineer if the product you have is qualified for an exchange program.
  • Planned Maintenance Programs
    We provide regularly scheduled maintenance on your equipment as a service. Ask your sales engineer if this is a service is available in your area.