Tencarva’s Submersible Pump Repair Shop In Richmond VA -Unique in Industry


Richard West, pump service, works on a bearing housing for one of two Flygt 4430 banana blade mixers he was rebuilding.

Working on a bearing housing for one of two Flygt 4430 banana blade mixers being rebuilt

Tencarva Machinery Company’s Submersible Pump Repair Shop in the Richmond Branch Office may be unique in the pump distribution industry.

The repair team is able to “work on just about every make and model” of pump, and has been successful even when parts have been hard to find.” They have repaired these brands: Flygt, KSB, Gorman Rupp, Goulds, G&L, Barnes, Wilo EMU, Townley, Polaris, Dragflow, Myers, Hydromatic, Yeomans, Wemco, Nagle, BJM, Fairbanks Morse, Weil, ABS and Stancor, among others. As far as I know we are the only shop repairing a high number of submersible pumps from a variety of manufacturers.”
“The Richmond shop is diligent about doing quality repairs and customer service. We have not had an in-house warranty issue since we have been up and running for four years.


Dustin Foster works on a pump repair.

Pumps are repaired to manufacturer standards using OEM parts. There are some rare cases when we cannot obtain OEM parts and will have parts manufactured and or machined.”
Richard points out, “We have the ability to test run pumps and motors from 115 volts to 460 volts, and up to about 88 horsepower. We have electrical test equipment to diagnose winding failures and potential problems. We have various pullers for impellers.”

The Submersible Repair Shops operates in a 1,200 square-foot area of the warehouse’s 4,000 square-foot service area, which provides support for other aspects of the repair, as well as a storage area. He explains, “The shop is limited by size, not only by weight but also height. We have a 4,900-pound capacity forklift and a two-ton overhead crane, and our lifting height is only about nine feet. We have done field inspections, start-ups, and preventive maintenance on units as large as 12,000 pounds as long as the customer has the lifting capabilities.”

The Richmond shop also repairs other equipment that is not submersible, both municipal and industrial. They provide field service and have laser alignment capabilities.


The completed rebuild of the Flygt 4430 banana blade mixer is ready for installation.

The completed rebuild of the Flygt 4430 banana blade mixer is ready for installation.

The Richmond shop is an authorized Flygt repair center, and both team members are KSB certified technicians.

“Turnaround time varies from pump to pump depending on the parts lead time and the amount of damage that has to be addressed. I would say, on average it takes four to six weeks for rewinding the stator and a complete overhaul.”
The Submersible Pump Repair Shop serves not only the Richmond marketplace, but has handled repair for pumps from other branches and the Municipal Division. When initiating a submersible repair job in the Richmond shop, the engineer or sales support specialist should e-mail or call with as much information about the pump, including manufacturer and size, as is available. We can then provide an idea of potential inspection cost and problems that might occur in obtaining parts. In some cases, we may have to advise that the pump is obsolete, or it is not cost-effective to send the pump to the shop for repair. When shipping a pump to Richmond, the person submitting the order should send a SO# and a clean equipment form for industrial pumps.